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China Rare Earth Prosperity Index released in the third quarter of 2021
Oct 26,2021.

On October 20th, China's rare earth industry prosperity index for the third quarter of 2021 was officially released. The total index score for this period is 105.40 points, which is in the "prosperity" range. All sub-indices are generally stable and improving, and most of the scores are higher than the prosperity line. The China Rare Earth Industry Prosperity Index is jointly compiled by China Economic Information Service and Baotou Rare Earth Products Exchange. This index can effectively support the operation status of the rare earth market in the past, reflect the current market activity, and to a certain extent predict future trends. It is an important part of China's rare earth series index. component.

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Among the sub-indices, the technological innovation index is the highest scored item among the various indicators in this period, reporting 113.75 points, which is in the "prosperity" range. The survey results show that 17.78% of the surveyed companies are expected to increase their research investment in the fourth quarter of 2021, 13.33% of the surveyed companies are expected to increase the number of R&D personnel, and more than 80% of the surveyed companies expect their technological innovation to remain stable. The prosperous level of the indicators has continued to improve.

The production and operation index reported 102.50 points, an increase of 11.00 points or 12.02% from the previous month, which was the sub-indicator with the largest increase from the previous month. Due to the obvious improvement in downstream demand, companies have relatively sufficient confidence in the market outlook. 22.00%-29.00% of the interviewed companies believe that the production and sales, prices and profitability of products will increase in the future. About half of the interviewed companies expect production and operation in the fourth quarter. The indicator situation will be the same as that of the third quarter, and the production and operation conditions will be generally good.

However, it should be noted that due to the significant increase in the price of upstream rare earth raw materials, the production costs of middle and downstream processing and preparation enterprises have increased, and the operating pressure has increased. Statistics show that 40% of the interviewed companies expect an increase in production costs.

The market performance index reported 100.00 points, a month-on-month increase of 1.25 points, an increase of 1.27%; the employee situation index reported 111.67 points, which was in the "prosperity" range, and the month-on-month increase was 7.50 points, an increase of 7.20%; the inventory status index reported 101.88 points, which was in the "prosperity" range. , Rose 1.88 points month-on-month, or 1.88%; financing indicators reported 101.67 points, in the "prosperous" range, down 4.16 points month-on-month, or 3.93%.

According to the statistics of this questionnaire, the increase in domestic rare earth supply is limited, the import of rare earth mines in Myanmar is blocked, downstream new energy, wind power and other industries are showing a high degree of prosperity, superimposed on environmental protection supervision, energy consumption "dual control" and other factors. The supply and demand of the rare earth market resonated in the third quarter, and the market activity increased compared with the previous period, and the market fluctuated upward. In the context of favorable supply and demand, most of the interviewed companies are optimistic about the market outlook.

In the next step, the rare earth industry must increase the cultivation of high-end talents to provide solid talent support for achieving high-quality development of the industry. At the same time, after entering the fourth quarter, policies such as "dual carbon" and "dual control of energy consumption" will continue to be tightened. As a traditional resource-based industry, the rare earth industry must firmly establish the concept of green development, strictly control the total energy consumption, and pay more attention to Through technological innovation, we will promote cost reduction and efficiency increase, energy saving and consumption reduction in production and processing, and comprehensively improve resource utilization efficiency. While maximizing economic benefits, we will continue to promote the green and sustainable development of the industry.

The China Rare Earth Series Index also includes the China Rare Earth Price Index and the China Rare Earth Industry Development Index. The three indexes provide big data development guidance for the industry from micro to macro levels, and enhance the level of industrial digital development. It is to defend China’s right to speak in international trade of rare earths and promote A powerful tool for the healthy development of the industry.

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